Every Fourth of July our entire family would gather at our grandparents' house in Tennessee.  Their house was by no means large, but it was perfect for the get-togethers.  It was a white house with a large porch going around the house.  This porch was covered with rocking chairs and a swing, and was perfect for social gatherings.  The house was surrounded by a large amount of land bordered on each side by woods (forest).  The gatherings produced a large amount of food, which was accented by the hot sauce, and served to the family on a large wooden picnic table next to the house.

The celebration would begin on the night of July 3.  Our Granddaddy would begin cooking a large pig, and a large amount of chickens on an outdoor cooking pit.  While he would get everything started, he would then turn the job over to the grandchildren.  We would stay up all night, continuing to shovel hot coals under the cooking food.  It was a great time, and an experience that we would look forward to every year.  We all enjoyed staying up all night out in the country, and it is something that drove us to pass this sauce a long to everyone else.  When the Fourth of July would finally arrive, we would coat the cooked meat in our Granddaddy’s hot sauce, and would serve it on a large wooden picnic table outside my grandparent’s house.  This was the tradition each and every year, and the entire family treasured this time.  This includes the year when everyone was eating on the picnic table, and following a large crack, they were all suddenly found themselves sitting on the ground when the table broke.

October 8-9

Old Sorehead Trade Days

Stanton, TX

November 10-13

Helen Brett's Int'l General Merchandise Show

New Orleans, LA

We wanted to begin bottling and selling our Granddaddy’s hot sauce to truly pay tribute to him.  The family gatherings made a lasting impact on us because they conveyed what was really important.  Family and friends.  We loved this approach because no matter what was going on in everyone’s lives, they would drop it for the Fourth of July celebrations.  As our society moves further and further away from social interactions as technology advances, we wanted to bring back something that reminded us of our own southern tradition. 

Our Granddaddy was a great man who never turned down an opportunity to help out someone in need.  He was an honest farmer who cared for his family deeply, and we could think of no better way to honor him than to introduce the masses to his secret hot sauce.  His Fourth of July get-togethers made a lasting impact on us, and we hope that his hot sauce will help the masses form their own traditions and get back to what is truly important.  Spending time with family and friends.